hey there, i'm
Kim Hart

Frontend Engineer | Brooklyn, NY

The Basics

  • Team lead with 7+ years of experience building enterprise products and design systems
  • Currently owning media and live-streaming workflows @ JW Player
  • Former mentor & speaker for BuiltByGirls, Uncubed, and CodeNation

Recent Work

Advanced Media Management & Editing Tools

Enable customers to monetize content and grow audiences with highly customizable video delivery

Product shots of JWP dashboard media page and tracks editing tool
Product shots of JW Dashboard in which a user is trimming a skate video and a podcast audio
Product shots of JW Dashboard in which user is editing logos and colors used in JW Player
Analytics Overview UI showcasing graphs and ranked lists for media content

JWP Design System

Web component library with over 70 unique components, supporting lean UI development for frontend teams

Examples of components like inputs, buttons, draggable episode lists, and alerts