hey there, i'm
Kim Hart

Frontend Engineer / Design Technologist

Kim & her golden retriever, Margo

The Basics

  • Frontend team lead based in Brooklyn, NY
  • Currently driving media experiences & core libraries @ JW Player
  • 6+ years of experience building enterprise products and internal tools
  • Specialist in React, TypeScript, CSS, design systems and web components
  • Detail-oriented advocate for accessible design
  • Former mentor & speaker for BuiltByGirls, Uncubed and CodeNation
  • No CS degree here — the horror! I have a BA in journalism and switched careers. Ask me about it!
  • Roots in the Bay Area and San Diego (though NYC has been home for 10 years)
  • Big fan of sci-fi, traveling, mountains, music festivals, and my golden retriever

Pretty Things I've Built

Product shots of JWP dashboard media page and tracks editing tool

Media management & track editing

Manage metadata, thumbnails, publishing schedules, audio, captions and chapter tracks for hosted content

Product shots of JW Dashboard in which a user is trimming a skate video and a podcast audio

Media trimming and clipping tool

Adjust the length of media down to the millisecond with a live playback preview

Examples of components like inputs, buttons, draggable episode lists, and alerts

Web component library & docs

Framework-agnostic building blocks for JW Player's custom design system, built with Stencil & React

Product shots of JW Dashboard in which user is editing logos and colors used in JW Player

Video player branding suite

Add logos, stylize captions, modify colors, customize controls & menus for individual web players

Analytics Overview UI showcasing graphs and ranked lists for media content

Media analytics & trends overview

Compare plays, completes, and ad impressions over time across top locations & devices

Scout highlighting elements with test IDs in the browser

Scout Chrome extension for fast QA

Quickly identify all testable elements and their targetable IDs on a web page

Custom music player UI showing 'currently playing' and playlist options

Custom music app powered by Spotify

Mobile-friendly UI for controlling music across a shared office space